Essay Example: Call 911

essay example call 911

Call 911!” I yelled to my companion as I dashed down the road. The youthful Caucasian male had been tossed fifteen yards from the site of the accident and shockingly was still cognizant upon my entry. “My name is Michael. Please tell me your name“. In his late 20s, he heaved accordingly as his eyes scanned frantically toward different directions for assistance, for some comfort, for affirmation, for friends and family, for death, until the point when he spotted me. Continue reading “Essay Example: Call 911”

How to Write Poetry for Beginners

It is your dad and mom’s anniversary. You are thinking of making the celebration special. You need to show them how their love for each other has inspired you in life. There’s no better way to do so than to present them with an original poem of your own creation. You have had an eye-opening experience that changed your previous beliefs or perceptions. You wish to communicate this change to others. You can use a poem to do so. Continue reading “How to Write Poetry for Beginners”

What is content writing and how to increase traffic to your site with its help

What is content writing

Types of web content

Content marketing is more than simply writing. Undoubtedly, written content plays a vital role in marketing your blog or website. But it is not the only type of content you may enjoy. So what are the types of content that blog-owners may use to boost popularity? Continue reading “What is content writing and how to increase traffic to your site with its help”

Critical Book Review Example: Call of the Wild

Book Review: Call of the Wild

The ability to critically review a book is an essential skill that every academician should possess. Academicians should have the capacity to identify the central theme of an author in a book. They should also understand the way the author has presented the theme in the book. Without these capabilities, reading books are only a waste of time because it is not beneficial reading a book if one does not understand it. Continue reading “Critical Book Review Example: Call of the Wild”

10 tips to enhance your PowerPoint presentation effect

10 tips to enhance your PowerPoint Presentation effect

Never again would I attend the lecture with yet another boring PowerPoint. And when it is my turn to prepare the presentation, what could I do to save myself from a dozen of bored eyes? Truly, even the best ideas could be spoiled by the bad presentation. So, how to be outstanding? These 10 PowerPoint tips and tricks will explain how to write a PowerPoint presentation and help you to stay on a safe side when intriguing your audience. Continue reading “10 tips to enhance your PowerPoint presentation effect”

How to write a poetry explication

Poetry Explication Writing

What Is a Poetry Explication? A poetry explication is said to be a kind of short analysis, which unveils the possible meanings and relationships between words, images, and other small units that actually complete or make up a poem. Therefore, by writing a poetry explication, a reader can effectively connect a poem’s plot and conflicts with its structural features. To be able to write an excellent poetry explication, one must first understand what it is by giving a poetry explication definition. This way, you will know exactly what is required of you and come up with an excellent poetry explication when told to explicate a poem. Continue reading “How to write a poetry explication”